It does not matter if you are a professional cooking expert or just learning to cook, food processors take the hard work out of your to-do list. A good food processor can chop, slice, shred and puree large amounts of ingredients that are difficult to cut otherwise. This incredible invention comes with a wide variety of attachments and models. Below is a comprehensive guide to buying the most efficient, cost-effective and dynamic food processor.


As with most kitchen appliances, the rule for food processors is also the same, look for a bulky body or base. The bigger and bulkier the body the better the machine. Food processors work around the concept of torque that helps in chopping difficult foods by spinning faster under pressure. While choosing a food processor always keep in mind the technical aspects, including the quality and warranty of the motor. A good choice of a food processor will be able to operate for a longer duration of time without overheating or shutting down.

Food processors with a wide bulky base give a supporting platform when it is in working. Lightweight food processors or those with lighter base construction easily twist or wriggle especially when heavy ingredients get stuffed into the processor.  


While you stand in front of a rack full of food processors, it is first necessary to think about the special feature you will need in a food processor. Your food processor should have all the tools for the tasks you need to perform. There are a huge variety of accessories that come with food processors, like choppers, bowls, and pushers.

You are able to customize your machine with helpful add-ons. The most common and the most practical attachments amongst the tools are blades and discs.  For instance, if you like to bake, then a food processor with wire beaters or a dough blade is what you will be looking for.


The most common functions that a food processor include are usually on, off and a pulse control. Some modern machines do come with additional features but it limits the machine to only a specific use. While choosing a machine, go for controls that are also easy to clean and maintain. Most food processor machine tends to collect food or grime quickly which can be damaging to your health. Look out for processors with touch pads or smooth inset buttons rather than the ones with paddles, button or knob configuration, as they are easy to maintain. FoodProcessorHub is complete package for reading reviews and buying from all top food processor brands.


Like other appliances, the motor of a food processor machine is the most vital part. The power of the motor is measured in horsepower, hp. The higher the horsepower, the stronger the motor of the processor and larger volumes of food it can handle. The amount of load a machine can handle is only dependent on the power value of its motor.